6 Different Types of Flat Irons and Their Use

6 Different Types of Flat Irons and Their Use - Unruly hair often causes women to feel disturbed. For this reason, many women use a tool to straighten their hair, known as flat irons. Not only does it make your pretty hair straight, flat irons can also help your hair become smooth and manageable. In addition, flat irons make your hair look longer and tidier.

Most of the people consider that regular use of flat irons can dry out your hair. This can actually be prevented if you use a good quality conditioner to keep your hair moisturized.

What are The Benefits of Flat Iron?

Flat irons, which are often used in beauty salons and at home, function to change the hair structure by utilizing heat. If you have it at home, you will save a lot more time, energy and money than you have to go to the salon.

Flat irons provide faster results, allowing you to straighten your hair whenever you want. In addition, flat irons provide a better alternative to straightening hair than the use of chemicals.

If heated properly, you will be able to straighten your hair in just a few minutes. Because you should put the flat irons a few inches from the scalp so that the hair roots are not affected. With their flat shape, flat irons are portable which lets you store them where you want them.

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Types of Flat Irons

1. Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium, which is a durable metal, is now widely used for flat irons. Because of their heat transfer system, titanium flat irons are especially beneficial for thick and coarse hair. If you want to straighten hair efficiently, then you can use titanium flat irons which can transfer heat quickly and evenly.

Titanium flat irons which produce negative ions perfectly distribute heat. Negative ions generate infrared which can treat your frizzy hair very well. More than that, it can also make hair look silky and shiny.

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Titanium flat irons use modern heat transfer processes to evenly and quickly transfer heat from the iron to the hair. On the other hand, those with thick hair find it difficult to straighten because it takes a long time. It won't happen to those with thin hair.

Featuring a variety of heat settings, titanium flat irons are a long-term investment in your hair care. The reason is, the temperature of titanium flat irons can be adjusted as needed, preventing you from hair damage.

Because of the various advantages it has, it's no wonder titanium flat irons are offered at a relatively higher price than other types of flat irons. However, it is worth the benefits you get.

2. Ceramic Flat Irons

Considered ideal for thin and brittle hair, ceramic flat irons are perfectly safe to use. Ceramic flat irons are not heated to high temperatures hastily. This means, you can control the temperature easily and manage it according to your specific needs.

Ceramic flat irons are designed to provide consistent results in less time. The reason ceramics are used in flat irons is due to their even heat distribution and lower price.

Flat irons plates made of ceramic give a smooth finish. You will feel smooth ironing when you use it. With consistent heat, ceramic flat irons take less time to iron the hair.

Powered by ionic technology, ceramic flat irons can keep your hair frizz-free and keep it moisturized by neutralizing positive ions. What's more, ceramic flat irons are an economical choice compared to other types of flat irons.

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3. Tourmaline Flat Irons

With the help of negative ions, tourmaline flat irons allow hair straightening without involving a lot of heat. Tourmaline flat irons are ideal for giving shine to hair. If your hair is damaged, tangled or unhealthy, you are suitable for using this flat iron.

Tourmaline flat irons can tame positive ions in frizzy or damaged hair. In addition, tourmaline flat irons require a little heat to straighten hair, preventing your hair from being damaged.

Generally, tourmaline is used as a layer of dust on the surface of the ceramic. The reason is, tourmaline is not a single metal. The ceramic itself is one of the smoothest surfaces used on flat irons. Thus, the surface of the tourmaline flat irons does not cause hair breakage.

Tourmaline flat irons distribute heat evenly through your hair. Apart from that, tourmaline also helps repair damaged hair. Tourmaline dust which protects the hair from overheating can prevent further damage.

Lack of moisture in the hair causes damaged and frizzy hair. Tourmaline flat irons prevent moisture from leaking out of the hair. In other words, tourmaline flat irons are able to lock in hair moisture so that hair remains healthy and shiny.

4. Wet to Dry Flat Irons

This flat iron is designed to straighten and dry your hair at the same time. If you want to dry wet hair while you don't have much time, you can use wet to dry flat irons.

The ventilation system allows you to straighten your hair in just one step. This flat iron is ideal for those of you who have very thick, coarse and long hair. However, these flat irons are not as good as ionic or ceramic flat irons when it comes to making hair smooth and shiny.

Wet to dry flat irons don't have a fairly safe technology in them. There are many other models with more advanced technology that work well with damp hair.

5. Ionic Flat Irons

Ionic refers to the process of generating negative ions and neutralizing positive ions. Generally, our hair gets a positive charge from water content (H2O +) and damp weather. Positive ions cause hair to become damaged, tangled, and easily broken.

Therefore, positive ions need to be removed so that the hair is always in good condition. Hairdressers recommend using styling tools that provide enough negative ions.

People who have frizzy and dry hair as well as hair that breaks easily are best suited to using ionic flat irons. Meanwhile those of you who have fine hair can also use it. However, it is important for you to set a low temperature.

6. Professional Flat Irons

Usually, professional flat irons are used by experienced hairstylists who work in beauty salons. There are various models of flat irons for professionals from well-known brands. These flat irons are made of very fine materials and are of superior quality.

Unlike the usual flat irons, these have more advanced features that last longer. These flat irons provide a texture, shine, and style that can be adjusted according to clients' needs. However, these flat irons are generally more expensive because of their more complete features. You also have to be trained enough to be able to use them. (Beauté Salon & Spa)

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