10 Most Effective Ways To Soften Hair Naturally

10 Most Effective Ways To Soften Hair Naturally - Dry, dull and coarse hair certainly makes you feel disturbed. Not only does it make your appearance less than maximal, coarse and stiff hair risks causing other problems including broken hair, bouncy hair and split ends.

You can use a number of easy techniques to get silky, shiny strands. There are many easy tricks you can do at home without having to go to a salon.

How to Get Silky, Smooth Hair?

1. Use apple cider vinegar

In recent times, the popularity of the apple cider vinegar has been increasing. You can use apple cider vinegar to make hair soft. In addition, apple cider vinegar containing Alpha-hydroxy can close the hair cuticles.

Mix 1:1 apple cider vinegar with water then put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the hair shaft and roots after shampooing. Massage the scalp before rinsing it again.

2. Rinse with cold water

In winter, this method can be painful. However, rinsing your hair with cold water is the best way to get soft hair while removing frizz. After you wash and condition your hair, rinse it with cold water several times.

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Pat your hair dry instead of heavily drying or scrunching it up. You can also use an anti-frizz straightener or conditioner before rinsing your hair. The cool water will lock in the anti-frizz effect of the conditioner and keep your hair smooth.

3. Use hair oils

Brush your hair with natural oils regularly. If you have dry hair, don't shampoo your hair without oiling it for at least 1 hour. You can use natural hair-healthy oils including coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or argan oil.

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Massaging the scalp with oil is great for dry scalp. If you have an oily scalp, apply hair oils only on the strands and ends. Keep the scalp away from hair oils.

4. Use shampoo for your hair type

Using the wrong shampoo can cause hair to become rough. Therefore, look for a shampoo product that suits your hair type. You can use a shampoo that contains argan oil as an option.

Argan oil which contains vitamin E and antioxidants can nourish the hair shaft. The result, hair becomes smoother, moisturized, and shiny. Avoid using shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) as this removes the hair's natural oils. SLS also puts the scalp at risk of dryness and irritation.

5. Do not wash your hair too often

Even though shampooing is needed to maintain hair health and cleanliness, if done too often it can actually endanger your hair. Washing too often or even every day can make hair growth slow.

In addition, washing your hair too often can also make your scalp lose its natural oils. If this happens, the hair will become dry. Indeed, there is no standard rule on how many times a week you are advised to wash your hair. We recommend that you wash your hair when your hair is really dirty.

6. Don't neglect the conditioner

To maximize hair softening, you need to use a conditioner. Conditioners can also treat dry hair due to frequent use of styling tools or exposure to the sun.

If you have dry hair, make sure you use a conditioner at least twice a week. Avoid the scalp from conditioner as it will make the scalp oily and flat.

7. Use a hair mask

In addition to using essential oils for hair, you can use hair masks regularly. One of the natural ingredients that you can use for healthy hair growth is aloe vera. It has a similar content to keratin, the protein which is the main building of hair.

Another option is mayonnaise to provide deep conditioning once a week. Mayonnaise is a rich source of L-cysteine that provides powerful amino acids and antioxidants. Doing this hair treatment regularly stimulates healthy hair growth.

8. Limit use of hair styling tools

Hairdryers, hair straighteners, curling irons are probably the easiest solutions for instant hair styling. However, regular use of this hot styling tool is very harmful to your hair.

The heat from these tools risks damaging your hair, making it rough and tangled and also removing its natural shine. But if you can't avoid styling, use a heat protection spray or serum. This will help reduce heat damage by forming a protective shield around your hair.

9. Comb hair slowly

Combing your hair too often can lead to frizz. Keep the comb to a minimum. Avoid using a comb when the hair is wet, as the hair will be prone to breaking.

For fine strands, use a wide-toothed comb on damp hair. Good hair brushing involves detangling hair before showering. Then, comb your hair once or twice a day to style your hair and remove tangles.

10. Trim your hair

Trimming is the most important thing you have to do if you want to keep your hair smooth and healthy. This helps remove split ends. By trimming your hair every four to six weeks, you will avoid frizz and dryness. (Beauté Salon & Spa)

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