15 Different Types of Curling Irons and Their Uses

15 Different Types of Curling Irons and Their Uses - There are many things you should consider when it comes to choosing the most appropriate type of curling irons. Each hair curler is designed for a specific trend or type of hair. For example, if you want to create a beachy wave style, you need to use a bubble wand. To be sure, pay attention to the length and texture of your hair before buying curling irons.

There are various types of curling irons that are differentiated based on the heat element used, the size of the barrel, the heat setting, and the shape of the curler. Some curling irons are designed for those who are skilled in hairdressing. For example, marcel irons are often used by professional hairstylists.

One thing you should know, operating a curling iron is not an easy job. Different curlers need to be handled in different ways as well. Each curling irons has several features with their respective functions. That’s why you need to practice a lot in the beginning when you buy a new curling iron.

If you use it incorrectly, you are prone to accidents such as hand or hair burns. Make sure you read the step-by-step manual instructions carefully before using it. If you buy a new curling iron directly in the store, you can most likely try to use it with the help of a salesman.

Types of Hair Curlers

1. Ceramic Curling Iron

Ceramic is the most common curling material because it spreads heat evenly and smoothes the hair. Heating the hair from the inside out, this type of curler works very well for thin hair types that cannot withstand high temperatures.

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Infrared heat penetrates deep into the hair quickly to lock in moisture and reduce damage. One of the main benefits of using a ceramic curling iron is its ability to curl hair closer to the roots. In addition, the sleek design of the ceramic curling iron allows you to do this method more easily.

2. Titanium Curling Iron

Often used by professional hairdressers, titanium is the most durable curling iron material. In addition to being lightweight, this type of curling iron can withstand high heat settings longer. Ideal for thick hair, the titanium plate will heat up faster and nicer. However, if not operated by a professional, this can even cause hair damage.

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3. Tourmaline Curling Iron

This type of curling iron is made of tourmaline stone that is able to emit negative ions to deal with dull, dry, and tangled hair. This is great for thicker hair types that are difficult to manage. When you use tourmaline curling iron, it reacts with positive ions to balance the hair, making it look very smooth and shiny.

4. Gold-plated Curling Iron

Gold plated technology was used in the early days of flat irons. For curling irons, this material can tolerate high heat settings for a long time. While good for thick and coarse hair, it doesn't balance heat evenly.

5. 3/4-inch Barrel Curling Iron

A small 3/4 inch barrel is used to create tight curls. This curling iron can be used for people with short, fine hair. Naturally curly haired people can also use this size to enhance the curl textures.

6.1-inch Barrel Curling Iron

The 1-inch barrel curling iron is the best overall size and versatile enough that it can be used for a wide variety of hair lengths and hair textures.

7.1 1/2-inch Barrel Curling Iron

This barrel size is suitable for long hair because the entire length of the hair can fit the length of the barrel, being exposed to even heat.

8. Clipless Wand

Commonly called a curling wand, these curling irons allow you to choose the thickness of each curl and the type of style. The curling wand provides flexibility of style depending on barrel size. The type of curl you get is determined by the direction you wrap your hair, how you hold the wand, and how closely you wrap your hair around the wand.

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9. Tapered Curling Iron

The tapered curling iron has a base that is wide and narrows towards the top or tapers. It allows you to create different types of curls with just one styling tool. You can make big, thick curls using a wand base. Apart from that, you can also make tighter curls by using the top half of the wand.

10. Marcel Curling Iron

Having no spring in the clamp, the marcel curling iron is a hair curling tool that is widely used by professional hair stylists in beauty salons. The marcel curling iron must be manually controlled by the hairdresser to allow versatility in the curls. You have to roll from the roots and control the wand that curves all the way to the end.

11. Bubble Wand

Bubble wand is a hair curler which is ideal for beginners. It has creases between bubbles or balls indicating where to wrap your hair. You will get curls easily every time you use it.

People with long hair are best suited to using a bubble wand as this maximizes more bubble space. But people with short hair can also benefit if they can use it properly.

12. Curling Iron With Clip

When using the curling iron with clip, you roll it from end to top. This is great for defining curls from the middle shaft down. With clips, you don't have to hold your hair in place during the curling process.

This type of curling iron is very popular because it is easy to use. Usually made of ceramic or tourmaline ceramic barrels, the curling wand with clip is capable of producing anything from beachy waves to firm spirals.

13. Spiral Curling Iron

Recommended for intermediate and advanced users, this curling iron has an iron formed on top of the barrel. The spiral curling iron has a smaller iron clip than the basic curling iron.

14. Interchangeable Curling Iron

Can be used by anyone, this type of curling iron doesn't make you waste a lot of time in choosing a different barrel. It offers barrels of different sizes in one kit. In fact, some curling irons have more than seven barrels.

15. Conical Curling Iron

If you don't want to invest in more than one gadget, a conical curling iron is the solution. A conical curling iron that anyone can use allows you to get a wider variety of curls. For example, for really tight curls, simply wrap your hair around the thinnest point. (Beauté Salon & Spa)

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