9 Biggest Mistakes in Washing Your Hair

9 Biggest Mistakes in Washing Your Hair - Washing hair is usually done to maintain the hair look. Instead of making hair healthier, if done in the wrong way, washing your hair can actually damage your hair. If you go to a salon, you probably don't need to worry because there are professional hairdressers who really know how to wash hair properly.

It's different if you wash your hair yourself at home. Maybe you will make some mistakes in washing your hair. Washing hair does sound like a simple activity. However, many people are still doing it wrong.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Washing Your Hair

1. Washing your hair too often

You shouldn't need to wash your hair every day, especially if your hair is dry. Too often shampooing can strip natural oils that are produced to protect hair health. If you shampoo too often, your hair will get drier and duller because the natural moisture is lost.

2. Frequently changing the type of shampoo

You may often change your shampoo because you no longer feel the benefits of it. You don't have to do this unless you want to completely change your hair care routine. For example, if you have dyed your hair then you may need to switch to a shampoo that is ideal for colored hair.

Also make sure that the shampoo or conditioner you use is in accordance with the type and condition of your hair. Washing your hair properly can help improve hair health and avoid various hair problems.

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3. Skip the conditioner

Conditioning is an important final step in your hair care routine. If you miss a conditioner, then your hair is at risk of damage.

You need to use a conditioner because this is useful for smoothing hair cuticles. After washing your hair, apply a conditioner to the bottom of your hair. Let stand for a few minutes then rinse.

biggest most common mistakes in washing shampooing hair treatments

4. Using hot water

Using hot water when washing your hair runs the risk of damaging the cuticles and hair focicles. As a result, dry, dull, and brittle hair is most likely to occur.

Therefore, make it a habit to wash your hair with cold water from now on. Use cold water to make your hair clean and look shiny.

5. Cleaning the scalp carelessly

Many people wash their hair carelessly without paying attention to the scalp. In fact, the scalp is prone to getting dirty due to dust, dirt and oil.

You need to use your fingertips to massage the scalp with gentle movements. Do this for three to five minutes so that the scalp is completely clean before rinsing your hair.

6. Rinsing hair too quickly

When using shampoo and conditioner, you should not rinse your hair too quickly. After using the shampoo, leave it for three to five minutes so that the cleaning process takes place optimally. Also, you have to leave the conditioner on your hair for five to ten minutes so that your hair is really soft after washing your hair.

7. Applying conditioner on the scalp

Even though you need conditioner, it doesn't mean you use it carelessly. Instead of making your hair healthy and clean, using an improper conditioner can actually cause your hair to become dirty.

What you should always remember is that conditioner should not hit the hair roots and scalp. Conditioners that are left on the scalp and hair roots are prone to causing wet dandruff which affects the hair health.

8. Drying the hair mistakenly

After washing your hair, the hair drying process is one thing that you should pay attention to. We recommend that you use a soft textured towel to dry your hair.

The soft textured towel will minimize friction so your hair doesn't get tangled easily. In addition, you can dry your hair by aerating it. Start reducing the use of a blow dryer because its hot temperature risks causing hair damage.

9. Washing your hair only once

Most people only wash their hair once and then rinse it thoroughly. Especially if your hair is really dirty, it's best to wash your hair in two steps. The first stage aims to remove dirt from the scalp and hair strands. Then the second step, rinse your hair to thoroughly clean it from the remnants of shampoo and conditioner. (Beauté Salon & Spa)

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