How to Overcome Limp Hair and Make Hair Look More Beautiful

How to Overcome Limp Hair and Make Hair Look More Beautiful - Is your scalp currently oily, the roots of your hair are deflated and losing its volume? If so, then you are experiencing a hair problem that indeed bothers all women, namely limp hair. Usually, this will affect those living in tropical countries.

In addition, hot weather and high levels of pollution can also cause limp hair. Other factors that you need to be aware of are the habit of washing your hair to using hair care products.

What Causes Limp Hair

1. Lack of knowledge about hair condition

Do not rush into buying hair care products until you recognize the type and condition of your hair. If you don't recognize the condition of your hair, you might end up choosing the wrong hair care products. The types of hair you should know include dry hair, oily hair, combination hair, straight hair, curly hair, and wavy hair.

2. Too often shampooing

For some women, shampooing is part of their daily routine. This is done because they want to clean themselves after activities and sweating all day. However, this habit actually creates new problems, namely dry scalp, dandruff-prone hair and even limp hair.

3. The wrong choice of hair care products

Choosing a hair care product that suits your hair condition is a must. If you choose the wrong hair care product, then unexpected dandruff will irritate your scalp. For that, make sure you recognize your hair type before using hair care products.

4. Incorrectly using conditioner

Many people still apply conditioner to their scalp when shampooing. Of course this is a mistake that you need to avoid. We must say that the scalp does not need conditioner. Using conditioner on the scalp only makes your hair limp and oily.

5. Wear a dirty comb

Are you aware that the comb you use can cause hair to limp? This will only happen if you use a dirty comb to straighten your hair.

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Steps to Overcome Limp Hair Naturally

1. Use dry shampoo

Limp hair occurs due to the production of excess oil in the layer of the scalp. That's why you need to use shampoo to wash your hair, making it look fresher and free from limp conditions. But if you don't have much time, dry shampoo is the right solution.

Dry shampoo comes in many forms, from powder to spray. Spray dry shampoo on all sections of hair then comb it until neat. If you are using a powder, prepare a large makeup brush and comb to straighten your hair again.

2. Use baby powder

You can use baby powder to treat limp hair. It works just like you apply a setting powder to your face to make it oil-free. Baby powder has the ability to absorb oil and reduce limpness.

Use a large makeup brush to apply baby powder to the hair. Next, tidy-up using a clean comb. Not only reduces limpness, but baby powder can also make your hair smell fragrant and have more volume.

3. Roll up the hair with bobby pins

If you can't find dry shampoo or baby powder, you can take advantage of the objects around you, such as hair pin or rubber. Use them for pigtails or curls. This way, the problem of limp hair can be disguised.

Use a ponytail or roll your hair from the bottom end in up to the base of your head. Then, pin it using bobby pins. After that, the limp hair is less visible and your appearance will be tidier.

4. Select the messy hairstyle

Naturally, there are certain types of hair that tend to be damp and limp easily, such as straight and thin hair. Those of you who have such hair conditions can try a messy hairstyle. This allows your hair to be purposely disheveled. That way, limp and oily hair is less visible.

5. Change the parting direction

Changing the direction of hair parting can be the easiest way to deal with limp hair. If you usually part the hair on the right why not turn it on the left? Because usually, the part of the hair that is easily limp is the one most often exposed to the environment.

Meanwhile, the inner hair is in a better condition than the outer one. By applying this easy method, you don't have to worry about traveling because your limp hair is no longer visible. (Beaute Salon Spa)

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