How to Choose a Perfect Name for Your Beauty Salon or Spa in 5 Easy Steps

How to Choose a Perfect Name for Your Beauty Salon or Spa in 5 Easy Steps - A great beauty salon name isn't just something that looks cool on a brochure or is fun to say. Not only is it good because you like it, a salon name is good because it communicates something meaningful to the customer.

For starters, as a salon owner, you need to focus more on the customer. The reason is, customers will always want a convenient way to remember and identify your salon. That's why the right salon name is one of the most valuable assets in your business. The salon name will increase differentiation and accelerate customer acceptance.

However, finding the right salon name is not always as easy as you might think. What makes a salon name sound interesting? Will the name of the salon look great as a signage or neon box installed in front of an office?

To choose a name for a beauty salon, you can do it yourself or hire a branding consultant. If you have more funds, hiring a consultant can be an option. However it is not the only one. Some salon owners may prefer to do it themselves. Of course it requires an extra effort and a deep thought.

What Makes a Good Salon/Spa Name?

Basically, there is no definite formula that can determine whether a salon name is good or not. But we can refer to a study which said that consumers have more positive reactions to brands with names that are structured over and over again.

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There are several features of a good brand name. These characteristics can be a reference for you to find the right salon name.


The salon name must be memorable, unique and stand out from your competitors.


It communicates your salon essence, evokes an image and fosters a positive emotional connection.


People can easily interpret, pronounce and spell the salon name.

how to choose best right beauty salon name business brand examples steps


You can translate the salon name then communicate it through the design including the logo, icon and identity.


Your salon name is not only used for the short term. On the contrary, it should adapt to the times, allowing for the expansion of different brands.

How to Find the Right Salon Name

Choosing a salon name requires a series of processes and considerations that can be long and tedious. It may take you weeks or even months to get the best salon name.

Here is a guide to choosing a salon name that you can follow.

1. Define your salon

Before using a name, it is important for you to know clearly what is the essence of your business. The way to find out is by articulating several important things including:

  • Vision: What kind of business future do you want to achieve?
  • Mission: What actions did you take to achieve this vision?
  • Purpose: Why does your salon exist?
  • Values: What principles guiding your behaviors?

2. Find the uniqueness of your salon

Understanding what makes your salon unique is a key point in finding a salon name. You need to dig deep to find out what makes your salon stand out. When going through the naming process you should always keep this distinction in mind.

To find out what makes your salon different, you can take a look at your competitors. What services or advantages do you offer that are not available in other salons? By looking at your competitors, you will get a better understanding of your salon's uniqueness.

3. Create multiple name options

Write down all the nouns or adjectives that describe the name of your salon. Describe what you want customers to feel when they use salon services. At this stage you can exchange ideas by thinking about various brand names.

4. Keep it as short and simple as possible

Don't choose a salon name that is too long or complicated. Remember that your salon name must sound appealing to customers. In addition, the name of the salon can give the impression of being fun, familiar and evoking positive emotions. The salon name should also be easy to remember and pronounce.

The name of the salon should also be short so that it doesn't make it difficult for people to remember it. A short salon name is certainly easier to remember than a long one.

5. Test and develop your salon name

Choose a name that can develop your salon. If you are currently offering beauty services, maybe someday your salon will sell various kinds of hair care products or open a beauty course. If your salon is in a certain city, one day it may expand to other cities. So, choose a salon name that can include future business growth.

Once you've found the right salon name, you need to craft a strong brand identity including a memorable logo. You also need to develop marketing content as part of branding that raises your brand image and awareness.

Final Advice

Choosing a name can be challenging when you are starting a salon business. Remember to get opinions and ideas from friends, family or even potential customers. In this way, you will get a variety of different points of view.

Choosing a salon name is just your first step to build a successful brand. The right salon name allows your business to make a great first impression. Next, you must follow up by providing the best service to customers. (Beauté Salon & Spa)

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