7 Ways to Grow Curly Hair Faster and Longer

For anyone, who took the decision of cutting the hair short, into a pixie or a bob cut, especially with curly hair, clearly knows the struggle of growing the hair longer.

Growing curly hair is already an arduous task and on top of that, it requires forbearance for the hair to turn into long tresses once again.

While you are in the process of letting the luscious hair sprout out again, several things could weigh down the texture of your hair follicles. But, with proper hair maintenance and care, you can easily achieve the length that you have been dreaming of.

Check out these super helpful ways in which you can grow healthy and voluminous curly hair once again.

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Knowing the Stages of Hair Growth

There is a cycle of hair growth that your hair follows and this goes for at least 5 years. The stages are called anagen, catagen, and telogen.

During the anagen phase, the hair grows for at least 18 to 30 inches, and depending upon the person's health and genetics, this can vary.

In catagen, the transitional phase, the phase is for about 3 weeks and this time the hair is named club hair. In this case, the hair detaches from the blood supply mode.

Finally, in the telogen phase, the hair goes in a resting period, and new hair starts growing beneath the club hair. This goes for around three months.

After all this, the older hair follicles fall out and new hair growth comes, which is a natural process. When you adhere to a proper regime, you can grow at least 30 inches in the next 5 years.

1. Your hair needs vitamins

Curls need to be prepared internally as well and one of the most essential things is your hair will need biotin. It has the potential to strengthen your follicles and increase its elasticity.

It nourishes the hair, and also helps in faster hair growth, and improves hair texture.

2. Make use of deep conditioners

Curly hair needs proper conditioning and since the hair turns dry easily, it is prone to breakage. To avoid this issue, make use of deep conditioners for your hair.

These conditioners moisturize the hair and give it a smooth hair texture, which is exactly the sort of hydration your hair needs. You can try out conditioners that have extracts of coconut oil or any other nourishing oil, as it has hydrating benefits.

Use it on your hair, at least once a week to get frizz-free, tangle-free hair.

3. Minimise on styling products

Any form of heat that spreads on your hair, can harm your follicles. If you have been habituated to the method of drying your hair it is advisable that you put it to rest for a while.

And, when you wish to dry your hair, make use microfiber towel, or an old t-shirt. This method can absorb water faster and do this instead of rubbing your hair follicles.

You can also make use of a diffuser and attach it to the best blow dryer for curly hair. It's your best bet and better than using the dryer as a standalone. Ensure you apply heat protectant before using it on your hair, to prevent any sort of hair damage.

4. Trim your hair regularly

This could make you a little sad but the fact is if you don't trim your hair, it will look limp and fragile as it grows. Hence going for regular trims is very important.

Try to schedule an appointment between 6 to 8 weeks as that's the amount of time curly hair takes. Seek a professional's help in trimming, instead of going to a local salon and randomly getting your hair cut.

5. Use the right sort of products

Experts suggest that for women who have curly hair, the very first thing they should do is avoid using products that have chemicals in them. These products tend to strip your hair from its natural oils and can also slow down the hair growth. You need to steer clear of products infused with parabens and sulfates.

It is also advised that you use a clarifying shampoo, as it works incredibly on the scalp and is an alternative to harsh shampoos. Post that, follow the deep conditioning as aforementioned.

6. Keep a check on your night routine

It's not just day time when you should look after your curly mane but you need to keep a check on it, even at night. Focus on the hairstyle and ensure that your hair is not tangled.

You can tie a low ponytail or even braid it up before you sleep. Make sure you are using a satin pillowcase to prevent hair breakage and damage.

7. Consume the right sort of food

Your hair doesn't just need care from the outside. While growing out your hair, you also need to be alert about the food you are consuming. As much as you would be tempted to consume processed or junk food, you need to avoid gorging it.

Instead, stick to having wholesome, protein-rich food for example. eggs, walnuts, salmon, all sorts of green leafy veggies and fruits, of course. Add food items that are rich in Vitamin B12 as they give strength to the curly mane.

Consume healthy fats and if you are unable to get enough nutrition via food, you can take supplements, as prescribed by your nutritionist.

Bottom Line:

When you ardently and thoroughly will follow these steps, there's not an iota of doubt that your curly hair will turn gorgeous and you will be able to grow it at a faster rate. The key here is being patient and we guarantee, you will notice the results.

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