5 Best Blushes To Make Your Beautiful Face More Astonishing

5 Best Blushes To Make Your Beautiful Face More Astonishing – Having a flushed cheek is a dream of every women, either of young or adult. But, not many women are born with blushing cheeks naturally. As you know, having a flushed cheeks not only can make the face more beautifully attractive but also look younger and fresh.

Currently facial blush or often called blush, is one of makeup equipment that must be used and carried by every women. Even some women alsoadmit that sometimes they choose to apply blush to get a fresher face look. To make the face more sparkling, many girls choose pink as their most favorite color of blush. Though not many people are fit to use pink of blush color.

Then how to apply the suitable blush color blush? The way is easy, you can use colored (origami) paper and place it on the bottom of your face. The two recommended colors of the paper are orange and pink, to find out which blush color which is suitable for you.

Blush itself has a variety of types which is suited based on the skin type to get the maximum results. Highlighting the cheekbones and adding volume to the face to make it look more attractive and fresh is certainly the common reason of which women choose to use blush. But what happens if the blush which you apply does not match the your skin type and color? Of course you do not want that happening to you right? Here are some types of blushes, to make your appearance more perfect.

Types of Blushes

1. Powder Blush

This is the common type of blush which has the same texture as solid powder or compact powder. Powder blush is easy to carry anywhere you go and suitable for all skin types, especially for oily skin. Therefore, powder this type of blush often become a favorite makeup tool for women.
Some types of powder blush has also been equipped by shimmering that makes the face look more shiny and flawless without the need to use highlighter anymore. When applying powder blush, it is recommended to use a brush to make the result more flat. Unfortunately this type of blush does not produce long lasting results as compared to other blush types.

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2. Cream Blush

Cream blush having more creamy texture and solid color is also on the rise lately. This type of blush is offered in two different packages of which the blush is put in a tube or compacted in a small form like lip balm.

Cream blush some of which contain oil to get natural results is suitable for dry skin type. The creamy and wet texture of the blush makes it easy to apply. Simply by applying and smearing a little of portion of cream blush on your check, then you get your face more shiny. The formula contained in cream blush is not recommended for those of you who have oily skin and acne!

3. Blush Ball

Blush ball or ball blusher has a shape resembling small balls of different colors packed in one place. Blush ball itself has a mixed texture of powder and cream blush. It's just that blush ball is no drier than powder blush and no more creamy than cream blush. So ball blusher can be used easily and suitable for all skin types.

If you are interested in buying blush ball, you are advised to use a brush to apply it on your face. All you need, just twirl your brush a few times, then the blush color will quickly stick to it. Blush ball itself is highly recommended for those of you who want to get a more natural and durable color. Most of blush ball also already contains shimmering. So, you no longer need to buy a highlighter to add the glossy impression on your face.

4. Gel Blush

Gel blush has the same texture as cream gel. Having a slightly more transparent color as compared to other type of blush, gel blush will generate a more natural color. Applying gel blush is also quite easy, just by using the hands and apply the gel blush slowly on your face. Because of its very lightweight formula, the gel blush is perfect for any kind of skin types, especially of dry and sensitive skin.

5. Cheek Tint

If you've heard of lip tint, then it's time now to talk about cheek tint or cheek stain. cheek tint itself is inspired by Korean makeup, which is currently being loved by many people, especially for young ladies. The shape of check tint is easy to carry. So no wonder, cheeck tint now become a favorite makeup tool for the beauty enthusiasts.

The formula contained in check tint is perfect for normal skin that tends to oily. The results given by check tint also look more natural and durable than other types of blushes. Some famous beauty brands also produce blushes in the form of stick, commonly known as cheek stain/tint. Since cheech tint is more multifunctional, it is not surprising that many people prefer check tint instead of other blush types. Especially for ladies who like traveling while keeping her freshly beautiful face.

That's the 5 types of blushes which we often encounter and use in our daily life. By reading reviews about the types of blushes above, you may understand which the most suitable blush for your face is. May be useful! (BeautéSalonSpa/yl)

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