Treat Yourself and Get Brighter Skin with Milk Bath

Treat Yourself and Get Brighter Skin with Milk Bath – The history records that milk bath has been a form of beauty treatment for women since thousands of years ago. Plinii Secundi or Pliny the Elder in his book of “Natural History”, once mentioned that Poppaea Sabina of the Roman Empire was the one who started the milk bath tradition. Though a piece of this story about Poppaea is still controversial, but certainly, until now the milk bath is one of the favorite and popular treatments among women.

Why milk? The substance of lactic acid contained in milk is included of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that can break down dead skin cells. When this happens, then skin rejuvenation can occur by itself naturally. That is it? Certainly not! AHAs also play an important role to moisturize the skin and make the moisture absorption process easier. The result? We will discuss the 8 benefits of milk bath more fully below!

The Health Benefits of Milk Bath

1. Keeping skin moisture

As already mentioned a little earlier, milk bath certainly makes skin moist. By maintaining skin moisture, it means you can get younger and most importantly much healthier skin. It is no longer a novelty that since the time of kingdom, the queens routinely took milk bath in order to stay young.

As the skin keeps its moisture, the fat and protein will be softer. Do not be surprised, if after taking milk bath you will feel the skin smoother than before. Take milk bath especially when the weather is less friendly which causes the skin easily lost its moisture.

2. Brightening skin color

Milk bath can provide the nutrients needed by the body from the outside. By routinely performing a milk bath, then skin regeneration will be preserved. The result is brighter and fresher skin. Of course this will not happen instantly, whereas you need to regularly maintain body health and practice healthy lifestyle like consuming sufficient mineral water. Milk bath can also reduce the dark spots that usually occur along with aging.

3. Overcoming skin irritation

If you have skin problems such as irritation, eczema, allergies, acne, or other, try a milk bath to overcome them. Indeed it will not heal the skin problems immediately, instead helping the healing process. The content of lactic acid in milk will make dead skin cells lifted and clean the skin area in which the problem exists. Or when the skin is irritated by sunburn, milk bath can be an alternative option to overcome it. By taking a milk bath, skin sensitivity can come down and back to normal.

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One of the things that distinguishes milk bath with other treatment, it is no need for scrubbing and very soft for the skin. Nutritional content in milk such as amino acids, vitamins A, D, and E will work effectively together to reduce itching and redness as well as soften the skin.

4. Softening the hair

Apparently it is not only the skin taking advantage of milk bath, but also the hair can benefit from it! Richard Marin, a hairstylist of Remington admits that washing the hair with milk is something he has seen for years. A cosmetic chemist, Ginger King, also admits that he used AHAs of milk as a shampoo formula to help soften the hair. Even Danny Jelaca, a famous United Stateshairstylist confessed that milk can increase the weight of hair, the secret behind the hair keratin treatment.

5. Relaxation

It makes no sense if pampering treatments are not a source of relaxation, doesn’t it? Every beauty treatment, let alone soaking yourself in milk fluid, accompanied by soothing music is presumbaly the dream of every women. Add essential liquid with your favorite fragrance to add comfort. Pamper yourself this way once a week or a month. When you feel more relaxed, the serotonin hormone will be stimulated and as a bonus, making cell regeneration better.

6. Overcoming arthritis

In some aspects, it turns out that milk bath is not only an option to preserve skin rejuvenation. There are also other health-related benefits you can gain from taking milk bath. One of them is to overcome arthritis. The history has even been mentioned in the era before the French Revolution, Avignon’s governor named Marquis de Rochechouart chose a milk bath to overcome his illness.

Bath milk with a high enough temperature can also facilitate the muscles to be more relaxed. It can also avoid cramps and headaches. If the milk bath is done regularly, then the muscle elasticity will also get better.

7. Boosting immune system

Who would have thought that milk bath also plays an important role for immunity? Apparently, a very advantageous content of milk formula can maintain immune system. By taking a routine bath milk, then the body health will be preserved. As a result, you will not be easy to fall ill. Bathe with warm milk to improve blood circulation and boost immune system. It makes sense if you take this kind of treatment regularly, your body can ward off bacteria and viruses.

8. Detoxification

One more bonus and benefit of milk bath for health is detoxification. Yes, the body toxins can be wasted through regular bath milk. How can it possible? Make sure you soak in warm milk bath liquid. With a warm bath, the body will respond by producing sweat. This way, your body will get rid of toxins naturally. The natural detoxification can give many advantages, ranging from healthier skin to a fitter body.

See, right? There are so many amazing benefits of milk bath. Feel and experience yourself milk bath that brings so many benefits. You can choose your own way to take milk bath either at a beauty salon/spa or at home. The body that has worked hard endelessly in daily routine should be rewarded like a milk bath. When you feel tired, that means the body has signaled for a little relaxation. So much the benefits of a milk bath that body health will certainly improve thoroughly. And, this can also make you have a better quality sleep. (BeautéSalonSpa/at)

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