Remove Unwanted Hair With Various Waxing Treatments

Remove Unwanted Hair With Various Waxing Treatments – For the sake of appearance, many people have skin treatment to appear more beautiful and attractive. To get more flawless skin, you can have one of the most popular method namely waxing that originates satisfactory results. In addition to practical, waxing proves itself to have fast proedure to further soften the skin.

Working semi-permanently by pulling hair from its roots, waxing makes hair do not grow back for 2-9 weeks. The favorite body parts that often receive waxing treatment include eyebrows, face, armpits, arms, back, feminine area to the foot.

Generally, waxing process begins by applying a mixture of wax on the skin which is then withdrawn with attached towel or lightweight cotton cloth known as muslin. Although it sounds ordinary, unfortunately not everyone can do it, especially for those with sensitive skin. That’s why before trying to have waxing it is good if you know in advance some types of waxing and its practical techniques that suit your skin needs. Like what? Here are more the explanations.

Types of Waxing and Its Texture

Soft Wax

It can also be called a wax strip that the way is done by heating the texture of wax looking like honey. Because how to use is by being heated first, then this type of waxingcomes into hot wax category. Furthermore, once heated, the wax will be applied to the skin surface carefully. Next, the wax is covered with a gauze cloth and pulled out along with the attached hair.

Although seems practical, there is a weakness of soft wax which is not able to pull out the hair to the roots so that your hair may grows faster. But if you are still interested in having soft wax, you should fisrt sprinkle powder on the surface of the skin on which the soft wax will be applied. That way you can securely reduce the risk of irritation due to the pulled skin.

Hard Wax

It is hot wax also. The difference, this waxing type is done by letting the wax dry and harden after being applied on the skin surface. After that, the beautician will slowly remove the wax from your skin using the fingers. The hard wax takes longer process because of its ability to pull out the hair from its roots. The beneficial result, it can inhibit hair growth furher.

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Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is much more ideal for people with sensitive skin. The reason, sugar wax uses natural ingredients to remove the hair. The combination of various ingredients such as sugar, lemon juice, honey, and water that are heated produces a sticky texture. Besides practical, this type of wax is safe for any skin types because all the materials being used are natural.

Various Waxing Treatments

Not just pullingout the hair from the surface of your skin only. Waxing can be done in some way that makes hair appearance more unique and different from others. Well, if you are interested in trying the following several waxing treatments, let’s go on.

Triangle Trim

Waxing is done with a triangle shape so that the hair will not be visible when you wear a swimsuit. Meanwhile, the hair parts outside the triangle area are cleaned until they are not visible at all.

Brazilian waxing

Well, this is the most complete wax bikini, removing all the hair on the bikini line from the front to the back. This is perfect for you who want to pull allof the hair out without leaving any. You can also call it Hollywood wax or sphinx bikini wax.

American Waxing

American waxing is the common style that is done by removing all of the hair beingexposed when you wear a bikini. The amount of the removed hair is adjusted to what bikini model that you wear. Besides being called American wax, this treatment is also called bikini line wax.

French Waxing

With this waxing, you remove more hair than American wax. French wax wiped out straight hair from the front to mid area. Uniquely if you want, you can make a vertical line on the front of the hair. This line is also called a landing strip.

Advantages of Waxing Compared To Shaving

Well, after getting to know some kinds and styles of waxing for your skin, here are some benefits you can get from waxing rather than shaving:

  1. Waxing is minimal scratching that can cause injury, especially for those with sensitive skin.
  2. Making skin feel smoother as hair grows longer.
  3. Shaving is more at risk of causing rashes or irises especially for those who have sensitive skin.
  4. Waxing makes the skin feel smoother without leaving itching because hair growth runs slower.
  5. Unlike most people say, the fact is waxing is not always painful. Even If done with proper waxing will not cause pain.
  6. Waxing uproots the hair that makes hair grow longer. Things you can not get if shaving.
  7. Shaving will only make the skin surface becomes more rough.
  8. Dry skin is prone to irritation and more risky when you shave. Waxing minimizes irritation with more optimal results.
  9. Waxing can be done more quickly and comfortably with natural materials that can be more suitable for every skin type.
  10. Waxing pulling out the hair from its root is proven to be more effective to smooth the skin.

Things to Consider In Waxing

Although waxing is included in the category of general and safe body treatment,apparently there are a lot of information about waxing that is not properly understood by many people. Simple indeed, it's just that people should has a good understanding of waxing well to avoid undesirable things. Here are some important things you need to know about waxing.

Before Waxing

If you are going to have waxing, make sure the fine hair that grows on the skin surface is at least 1 cm. Avoid also, the body part that will be waxed from the state of irritation or injury. Although there is no special taboo preferably, no need to use moisturizeror body lotion while havingtreatment. Even if you already use it, you should clean it first before the treatment begins.

After Waxing

Once done, you are still not advised to wear lotion, moisturizer or deodorant in the area that has been waxed for approximately 2 hours. In addition, avoid soaking or having a warm bath for 1 day. It is advisable to do the scrubbing process 3 days after the waxing process, to avoid the growth of ingrown hair - hair grown in the skin. Meanwhile, you may use brightening cream on the waxed skin area to make it look brighter and smoother.

Avoid any of these while waxing!

For those of you with certain skin health conditions it is not recommended for waxing. Pregnant women despite the age of the content areallowed to have waxing only limited to 4-6 months. While for people who just undergo surgery should not have waxing, for at least 6 months later.

In addition, waxing also has age restrictions. Waxing is highly recommended for those aged over 15 years old or entering their puberty. Lastly waxing should not be applied to those who are sensitive skinned.If you want to try waxing, you should be sure first to consult with an experienced dermatologist for better results. (BeautéSalonSpa/nfa)

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