Types of Treatments To Make Your Nails Look More Appealing

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Types of Treatments To Make Your Nails Look More Appealing – Nails are one part of the body that need careful attention. Women especially like caring for nails as it can reflect their beauty. To take care of nails, ladies often have treatment such as manicure or pedicure by visiting a salon. Or, they just take care of it by themselves at home with the available tools.

Rebekah Budiman as the owner of the Dream Container said, "I like taking care of my nails. Every week I, whenever having free time, will take myself to a beauty salon just specifically to take special care of my nails." Rebekah who had also been a pre-wedding stylists of Bobby and Kahiyang, also even added," I work as a wedding stylist. Though seemingly invisible, nails actually also play an important role. Just imagine if my nails look unkempt, unexpectedly my client would get away", she said while laughing.

Manicure and pedicure are two popular types of nail treaments that currently are known by people. But, not many acknowledge the differences between manicure and pedicure. Not only that, nail treatments are not just manicure and pedicure. In fact, there are many types of nail treaments that you can have to make the nails healthier and well groomed. So what exactly are the differences of manicure and pedicure? And, what are the other nail treatments? Now, we’ll explain it to you.

Nail Treatments You Can Find in Beauty Salon

1. Manicure

Manicure is a type of treatment which is done on the fingers, especially the nails. Manicure can be done at home or in a beauty salon/spa. Usually, a salon’s beauty therapist do manicure by cleaning the nails first with nail polish remover. After that, the hands will be soaked by using warm water and relaxation soap about 10-15 minutes to get soothing effects. We can also add a hot stone that serves to accelerate blood circulation.

When the fingers are soaked, it will usually be brushed or scrubbed to remove dead skin cells and dirts. After that, the nails will be dried with a dry towel and cut to make tidier. To add a beautiful impression, nails will be filed and given lotion on hand to get maximum results.

As for the manicure itself also consists of several types that many people may not know, for example:

• Basic Manicure
This is the most basic kind of nail treatment. Hands and nails are simply soaked and massaged with warm water, then cleaned and given base nail polish, the main, and the outer layer.

• French Manicure
This is currently the most popular type of manicure. With nude color as base and white tip above the nails, it is perfect for you who want to have clean, elegant nails which is suitable for all events.

• American Manicure
Almost the same as French manicure, but American manicure looks more natural. The main difference is in the fingertips which is made somewhat more rounded than French manicure.

• Gel Manicure
Gel manicure is more durable than any other manicure. Gel manicure can last about 3 weeks. Between layers of nails will be placed under UV light with more shiny results.

• Paraffin Manicure
Paraffin manicure is intended for you who have dry skin on your hands. Your hand will be wrapped with paraffin to produce a softer and smoother skin.

2. Pedicure

In contrast to manicure, pedicure is used to treat foot nails. You can also do pedicure at home or in your favourite beauty salon/spa. The perfomed steps are almost the same as the manicure. What makes it different, when the foot is soaked, the therapist usually rubs the sole of the foot by using pumice stone to remove dead skin cells. The tools used for pedicure should also be more hygienic to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

Pedicure is essentially more desirable than manicure. This is because, pedicure provides good benefits for health.

3. Nail Polish

When it comes to making the nails look more beautiful, usually the ladies choose to color their nails. Usually they will prefer the nail colors they like. It's good, if you pay attention to the nail polish color which is suitable to your skin color or the event you will attend. In addition, it would be nice to use a base coat before using nail polish, so that the surface of the nail is flat and covered.

"I prefer to use nail polish with nude colors, because it is more natural and not flashy for everyday life. While I choose a darker color only for certain events only. "Rebekah said.

4. Nail Art

Maybe you are already familiar with nail art. As we know, nail art is now much more loved, especially by young women. Nail art is widely used by ladies to add a more fashionable and trendy impression. Over time, variations of nail motifs and designs are more numerous.

Then how to make nail art? Nail art usually uses nail gel. Nail gel is a nail polish which is made of gel, producing a more shiny, natural and durable color. And, the color is easily removed.

Another technique is using nail acrylic or often called nail extension. Nail acrylic has a mixture of liquid and powder to coat the nails. With nail acrylic, you can lengthen your nails without having to wait for a long time. Not only that, with acrylic nail, you can also create a unique 3D design to add a more beautiful impression on your nails.

To get a beautiful and well-groomed nails you do not have to go to the beauty salon/spa. Conversely, you can also practice those nail treatments by yourself at home. That way you can save more money. (BeautéSalonSpa/yl)

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