Find Out The Differences of Cream Bath, Hair Spa, and Hair Mask

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Find Out The Differences of Cream Bath, Hair Spa, and Hair Mask – Hair is the crown of every women. Maybe you often hear the saying about it. In fact, not only women, but for men also, hair is their crown as well. The difference, men are easier to treat hair than women. For example, when a man's hair is broken, they will simply cut their hair out. In contrast to women, they are not possible to carelessly trim their hair out. Women more often do treatments ranging from scalp to the tip of their hair so as to look more healthy and beautiful. However, healthy and shiny hair like a model in a shampoo advertisement is every woman's dream.

"I love to change my hair color. It could be every 3 months I can change hair color only. Especially when I choose bright colors to be my hair color, there is a little black hair grows, I've painted again with the same color or even replace it with a different color ", Chacha said, a famous makeup artist in Surabaya.
Then, what side effects are obtained with frequent hair color changing? "For sure the hair becomes drier, cracked, branched, dull, really ugly for sure." Chacha added. "After all, the hair is a crown, especially for us women. Yes we necessarily have to maintain and take care of hair often. Especially for the scalp. If the scalp is not healthy what about the hair? "

As we know, a lot of hair treatment services which are often offered by beauty salons around us. There are three hair treatments offered by beauty salons we often encounter such as cream bath, hair mask, and hair spa. But do you know the differences and benefits of these three hair treatments? In order not to choosing the wrong treatment, let’s find out the differences between the three: hair care, cream bath, hair spa, and hair mask.

What is The Differences of Cream Bath, Hair Spa, and Hair Mask?

1. Creambath

You have hair that has been colored? Or maybe have problematic hair like falling out or branched? If the answer is yes, then cream bath is the right hair care option. Compared with hair spa and hair mask, cream bath is the most basic hair treatment and has long been exist. The ingredients used for cream bath are also more basic or traditional ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables or even spices that work according to your hair types.

Treatment process on cream bath by massaging the scalp. This serves to smoothen blood circulation in the head and make it more relaxed and calm. After that, your hair will be covered by steam engine provided by your favourite salon. Or, your hair might just be wrapped by a warm towel that serves to open the pores of the scalp, so that the benefits provided by the cream can be absorbed perfectly. The function of cream bath itself is to maintain fertility and strengthen the roots of the hair.

2. Hair Spa

Hair spa is a hair care for damaged hair such as, dull, dry, oily, or even hair stiffness. Hair spa is intended to provide nutrition ranging from hair roots to hair tips, revitalize the scalp, and strengthen hair follicles so that your hair become more healthy and well groomed. Hair spa itself provides a deeper treatment than cream bath. Creams used for hair spas have richer contents of vitamins and nutrients for hair compared to cream bath. Not only that, creams of hair spa usually also contains perfume or essential oils that make it more fragrant than of cream bath.

The process of hair spa is almost the same as cream bath for scalp massage and use steam to help open pores on the scalp. The difference, hair massage for hair spa care is less than cream bath. They are equally functioning to relieve the scalp, smoothen blood circulation, and help optimizing the absorption of nutrients in the scalp. Hair spa also serves to allow the follicle get more oxygen and help stimulating the growth of healthier hair.

Behind the benefits provided through this treatment, hair spa has several flaws. Among them, the cost is relatively more expensive compared with cream bath. The longer the hair, the more expensive the costs incurred for this treatment. In addition, doing hair spa treatments, can cause hair color to fade.

3. Hair Mask

Hair mask is perfect for you that have a very severe hair problem. Usually, it is used for easily damaged hair or severely damaged hair which can not even be done just by simply using a hair spa. If you include someone who often change their hair color, do hair styling, straightening or curling, which can trigger hair damage, hair spa is the right choice to restore the vitality of your hair.

Doing hair mask treatment can regularly restore your hair that has been damaged very badly. Not only that, doing regular hair mask can make your hair become thicker and stronger. But in some cases, hair mask can not thoroughly heal your damaged hair. But at least, hair mask can disguise damaged hair and prevent damaged hair from more severe problems.

The process of hair mask treatment is very different than cream bath and hair spa. In hair mask treatment, the beauty therapist does not massage the head. This is because the hair does not fall out. Instead, usually the beauty therapist still provides massage services on the neck, shoulders, and your back.

So, do you now understand the differences between those 3 types of hair treatments? Hopefully, the article described above can help you to choose the right hair treatment suitable to your needs. (BeautéSalonSpa/yl)

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