Follow These Practical Steps To Be A Professional Makeup Artist

Follow These Practical Steps To Be A Professional Makeup Artist – For some women, a makeup artist might be a good profession that can bring wealth and success. Not to mention women are so close with beauty world that motivate them to dive into it. But nowadays, not only women, but also men are enthusiastically interested in being a professional makeup artist. There are many special occasions that need makeup artist services like wedding, advertisement or product photoshoot, party, film making, fashion show or even graduation. That means a makeup artist has many great opportunities to get prospective clients and his/her desired projects.

As we know, makeup is an important tool to increase one's confidence, especially of the women. In this digital age, many people are competing to create vlogs, blogs, or just write review on various kinds of makeup or skincare products that are published in their social media. Because of that, now many people are increasingly interested to work in the field of makeup. Just being a beauty blogger/vlogger or even a makeup artist.

"I love Pearypie, Thai makeup artist. I used to love watching videos from Pearypie and Pony (Korean makeup artist) from YouTube. At first I wanted to be a vlogger like them. I had several times making a vlog and uploading it on YouTube. But because of my lack of speaking skills and not as good as the two of them, I finally changed my profession as a wedding makeup artist in Surabaya." Louis said, one of makeup artist who recently pioneered his profession as a wedding makeup artist in Surabaya.

Some people think, being a makeup artist is not that difficult, since the numerous videos and articles about makeup tips and tricks that circulate abundantly in the internet. Call it, Malvava, one of Surabaya's makeup artist who is currently on the rise, often sharing makeup tips through her Instagram account. And Malva often use her live Instagram to share about how to practice good makeup artistry on yourself and others. But, to be a professional makeup artist you need a lot of careful preparations, learning and harnessing the required makeup skills as well as increasing knowledge about makeup world. Here, we describe some great tips of how to become a professional makeup artist.

How To Be A Good Makeup Artist

1. Have The Essential Makeup Equipments

Being a professional makeup artist, not only have to know about many types of makeup tools like, foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, etc. But, you also have to learn to use properly makeup tools, such as brushes, sponges, etc. Moreover, you need to know when the time to use each of the makeup tools as well as of its usefulness. After gaining the required skills, you can begin to slowly collect the necessary makeup tools.

As we know too, makeup equipments are definitely not cheap. The makeup tools needed to ease your job as a professional makeup artist are in a large quantity also. So it would be nice to prepare your budget to buy some needed makeup tools. Increase your makeup skills while collecting makeup tools little by little. And do not forget, use high quality makeup tools to get the good results.

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2. Learn Makeup Tutorial

One way to becoming a makeup artist is by learning various makeup tutorials through either videos or articles that are currently circulated widely in social media or blogs. One of the makeup artists confessed, that he has been self-taught. Himself learns makeup through makeup tutorials while practicing them directly. Even more, in the digital age, you can find no difficulties in finding makeup tutorials on social media.

3. Always Be Up-to-date

Deciding to be a makeup artist as the main profession, you must always be up-to-date. You should always be keeping an eye on the latest trend of makeup developments from now on. Find out, what is the currently popular trend that is most liked by many people. Not only in your own country, but also abroad. There is no harm in following the current trends, but there are times when you also have to think carefully, whether it is suitable for people who have or will become your client.

4. Find a Distinctive Trait

As a professional makeup artist, you must also learn to have a distinctive feature of makeup that is not owned by other makeup artists. This is so that others will easily remember you. For example, the makeup you apply results in a long lasting dewy makeup look. Of course, looking for your own authentic characteristics is not easy. You have to upgrade frequently your makeup skills and see lively the development of current makeup trends.

5. Do Experiment on Yourself

Makeup is the art of drawing faces. In the first stage, start learning to apply makeup on yourself. Use your own face to become your live canvas when you watch makeup tutorials or learn makeup from the experts. Then after you gain confidence you can apply makeup on others.

6. Do Experiment To Others

Are you satisfied with the makeup results on your own face? Do you feel confident enough to practice your skills on others? If so, you can start doing a makeup experiment on others. Start with your closest people like mother, sister, or friends. Ask them what they think and feel about your makeup. And do not forget, practice often to hone your expertise.

7. Be Active In Social Media

In this digital era, you should also be able to run your social media well. Do not forget to take picture of the makeup that you have done and make them as a portfolio for the future. You can also upload your portfolio results in your social media account. Take advantage of your social media as the means to 'sell' your makeup results. That way, you can get a bigger chance to get your prospective clients.

8. Master Various Makeup Techniques

In addition to mastering various makeup tools, you are also required to master various existing makeup techniques. You can learn from anywhere. Some tutorial videos or articles also teach about various makeup techniques from different parts of the world. Nothing wrong you try various existing makeup techniques to increase your skill.

Those are some great tips for you to become a professional makeup artist. Please remember to continue upgrading the required skills with the aim to be more skillfull and expert in makeup artistry. Nothing wrong, you ask for help from a makeup artist who is more experienced than you to gain the knowledge that you may not have before. May be useful! (BeautéSalonSpa/at)

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