No More Dry Hair and Dandruff Problems with These Natural Hair Treatments

the causes dry hair dandruff how to overcome problems

No More Dry Hair and Dandruff Problems with These Natural Hair Treatments – To better the appearance and look, we need to give careful attention to the hair. That’s why we do kind of hair treatments such as shampooing either at home or a beauty salon with the aim to keep the hair healthy and well maintained. Not only women but also men always want to look well groomed with healthy, clean, and tidy hair.

The hair that has never been washed of course will damage the appearance and look unsightly. Therefore, we will most of the times take care of the hair by using hair care products or going to a salon even though it will drain the wallet.

Outdoor activities that we perform on a daily basis can unwittingly damage the hair. Hair problems that of dry hair and dandruff are very disturbing that force us to get effective solution. Without proper treatment, the hair could be more damaged and neglected. Instead of finding the cure, we have to prevent those miserable things happen. So, what is the best hair treatments to ditch dry hair and dandruff? Before answering that question, let’s first recognize what can cause hair problems such as dry hair and dandruff.

What is Dry Hair and Dandruff?

Damaged hair usually starts from the wrong combination of treatments that cause the hair cuticle to wither. Such wrong treatments can damage the hair cortex. The most noticeable sign of dry hair is branched hair of which the ends of the hair are split. Another sign, the hair color looks dull. In the end, the dry hair will become broken and not sparkle anymore.

While dandruff begins from dead skin cells that exfoliate excessively. This is because of the fungus that is on the scalp, eats oils in the epidermal layers that causes dry on the scalp. The dead skin that has been peeling off and then fall out is what we call dandruff. If not handled properly, the dandruff will gradually be much worse.

The Causes of Dry Hair and Dandruff

Besides indoor activities, many people do outside activities causing the hair exposed radically to sunlight. That's what makes hair severely dry. Unwittingly, dry either hair or scalp can trigger dandruff. And here are some factors that can lead to both hair problems.

1. Environmental Factor

Bad environmental factors can make our hair dry. For instance dirty air which is not good for the health of our hair. In addition to making hair dry, dirty air can also make the hair become more damaged and unruly.

2. Hair Dryer

To accelerate the drying of the hair, we usually use a hair dryer. With hair dryer, we can save much time since the hair drying process is faster. But unwittingly, it turns out the hair dryer can make our hair become unhealthy because the scalp becomes dry also. And, the absence of hair moisturizing process will cause dry hair and dandruff.

3. Wrong Hair Treatment

Wrong hair treatment can also cause the hair dry. For example like rubbing hair with a towel after shampooing that can make the hair dry and tangled.

4. Wrong Hair Products

Sometimes some people do not pay attention to the ingredients contained in the shampoo they use. Without our knowledge, that's exactly what can trigger hair damage like dry hair and dandruff. It should necessarily be noted that not all shampoo products can be the right solution to these hair problems.

5. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most favourite sports for many people. But swimming can also make the hair dry that is caused by the pool containing heat of the sun. In addition to exposure to heat of the sun, your hair will often interact with the pool water and direct sunlight.

How to Overcome Dry Hair and Dandruff

Beautiful and shiny hair is everyone's dream. For those of you who have problems with dry hair and dandruff can follow the following tips:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used to remedy dry hair and dandruff. In addition to treating dry hair and dandruff, coconut oil also serves to blacken the hair. The way is apply coconut oil to the hair sufficiently, then let a few minutes until your hair dry. Then wash your hair with a shampoo for either preventing dandruff or treating dry hair until clean.

2. Lime

Lime containing vitamin C has many benefits. For instance, it can effectively eliminate annoying hair problems such as dandruff and dry hair. How to use is by squeezing the lemon juice, then it is applied to the hair, and let it alone for 30 minutes. The last, rinse hair with clean water and a shampoo until entirely clean.

3. Pineapple Mask

Not only as food, it turns out the pineapple can be processed into hair mask. The pineapple has good vitamin contents for hair health which can cope with dry hair and dandruff. How to use is easy, puree pineapple with a blender and apply it to the hair, and let stand until 30 minutes, then rinse hair with shampoo until clean.

4. Noni / Morinda Fruit

Although this fruit has an unpleasant odor, it turns out the noni fruit has many benefits for remedying dandruff. How to use it is easy, split the morinda fruit into pieces then apply it to the hair, wait up to 30 minutes, then rinse the hair with a shampoo.

5. Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner

Do not just choose carelessly either a shampoo or conditioner for these hair problems. The problems of dry hair and dandruff can only be overcome with a shampoo and conditioner that can hydrate the scalp well. So the problems of dandruff become reduced even disappear.

Well, those are the natural treatments for curing dry hair and dandruff. But, it is better for you to prevent those problems from occuring. So, we need do prevention like using head shield. Eventhough this tool is so beneficial but it is often overlooked by most people. Hot weather and sun can trigger the occurrence of dry hair that often leads to dandruff. Therefore, it is advisable to exit the room using a head cover like a hat, veil, or scarf. Of course, such habit will reduce bad effect of the heat of weather that can severly damage the hair.

Do not let the problems of dry hair and dandruff for too long. It can damage and worsen the hair as well as make the appearance less attractive. How to care for the damaged hair is not as difficult as imagined. Because the compositions of the natural hair treatments and the hair care products are easy to get and often found in the market. (BeautéSalonSpa/mh)

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