How to Attract the Millenials to Your Salon

How to Attract the Millenials to Your Salon – The millenials who are entering their productive ages are now the right target market for a business. One of the reason is because they are the consumers who dominate the market. They will love a variety of products or services that are beneficial for their survival. Salon become a business area that is currently in great demand among young people who want to have a beautiful and attractive appearance. They do not hesitate to pay some budgets in order to make their appearances more captivating.

To boost your sales significantly, then there are things you need to know in an attempt to attract the millenials’ attention. Before you go, you must understand the characters of the millennials that are different from the previous generations’ nature. And, make your beauty salon accepted by them by offering more specific products or services which are aimed at young people. Here are the millennial traits you should know about.

The Millenials' Traits

More Believing Two-Way Information

We have nowadays encountered a lot of untrustworthy hoax news. They, the millennials, are not so easy to believe with those things. They prefer trusted content as well as truthful information which are created according to one's experience rather than an extravagant advertisement. Before buying a product, they choose to see people’s reviews first on an internet site. They also do not feel afraid of giving negative comments to a product that seems to ruin their experiences.

Relying Heavily More on A Mobile Phone

They were born in the time of advanced technology when the role of the internet is very influential for their lives. They are not interested in getting information by watching or reading advertisiments from mass media. According to them, information from Google and forum discussions obtained from a mobile phone is much more accurate. Digital technology is now very penetrating into their daily activities, so they can not be separated from a smartphone.

Having A Social Media Account

The millennial generation has a very smooth way of communicating. Communication is not just a conversation with a face-to-face course but a chat in cyberspace. Expressively, they will write a personal profile about themselves in social media platforms. By doing so, they want all people in the internet read and care about them. According to them, social media is a great place for expression and communication.

how to attract young generations millenials to a beauty salon

Less Liking to Read

People, especially the millennial generation who like to read books have been greatly reduced. Although there are some people who still love reading books, they prefer to read through books online rather than buying in bookstores. For this generation, reading is a boring and dizzy thing. They prefer to see a picture, especially if the image has an attractive color spectrum.

Doing Non-cash Transactions

As the technology advances, the millennials choose to make non-cash transactions. This is done because they do not want to bother bringing money because these days almost all services can be processed by using a debit/credit card or even PayPal. For example, online shopping through e-commerce or marketplace websites.

With the above explanation, you can imagine how the characters of the millennial generation are. By knowing their behaviors you can plan the right marketing strategy to lure them into your salon. In other words, you need to know what they actually need and what habits they are doing. Then, you can develop products and services that are suitable to their needs.

To make your salon successfully attract the millenials, then you need to know what kind of salon strategy that is right for them.

Salon Marketing To Entice The Young Generation

1. Offer Something Special

Most people love something that is free. The millenials are no exception. Offer some extra services that do not have to cost them more. For example by giving discounts of certain services or providing free beauty treatments with the applicable terms and conditions. This will make them addicted and interested to visit again to your salon.

2. Have An Instagram Account

To draw the millenials' attention, create an Instagram account that contains update photos about your salon ambience. For example, photos of the interesting wall colors, unique salon interior, various salon tools, or most importantly the hygiene of salon facilities that make them curious about the quality of your salon. Do not forget also to show the results of haircuts and hair styling treatments that are served by your salon staff. Create beautifully update feeds that get anyone interested in stalking into salon’s Instagram account.

Create a Testimonial Video

Reassure them by showing products that would help them care for hair. Perform a review of the used products through short duration videos. This is indirectly will assure the millennials and make them have strong reasons to go to the salon. Those who are curious about the incoming results of the provided services and products will stop by your salon.

4. Make Exclusive Experience

Just providing friendly staff and satisfactory services are not enough. You need some elegant touches to draw their attention. Make something unique like a special room for a manicure that has more cheerful wall color than any other rooms or offer a wide selection of drinks at a bar. In addition, you also need to create a cool corner of the room by adding a sofa with funny pillows to give homey impression for them.

5. Hold Event for Promotion

Hold a competition for subscribers to post pictures with certain tags about your salon on social media. Give them a gift of discounts or unique items if their posts are chosen as the best photo. By doing so, their millennial friends will also be interested in trying your salon treatment.

By knowing what the millenials used to be, it will make it easier for you to find ways to grab their attention. The most important thing you should do is provide the best service for them. Because the best services will make them interested to go back to your salon. (BeautéSalonSpa/mh)

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