How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color Based On Your Skin Type

how tutorial choose pick select lipstick color based on skin types
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How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color Based On Your Skin Type – Among the many makeup elements, lipstick seems presumably to be one tool that must be brought by women while traveling. In addition to easy to apply, lipstick is believed to be able to change the appearance instantly. Looking beautifully georgeous with the right lipstick applied on the lips, which women don’t want to have it? Most of time, lipstick itself is not only used as just a makeup tool. Women use lipstick not only to make her look more attractive but also to increase psychologically her self-confidence.

Seeing that lipstick is very important for women, no wonder if they are willing to spend their money to collect as many colours of lipsticks as they can. As a necessary makeup tool, lipstick apparently has several functions. One of its function is making the lip color look more ideal. For instance, changing the dark lip color into lighter or more blush.

Choosing a lipstick color seems easy for women, but it turns out that many girls still have trouble in finding the appropriate lipstick color which is suitable to her skin. Before you choose lipstick color, it is good if you understand 3 types of skin first. These types of skin are 'cold', 'warm', and 'neutral'. By knowing what kind of type of skin you have, you will more easily recognize the lipstick color and type that suits your skin. Okey, now let’s move on.

Steps To Select The Right Lipstick Color

1. Determining The Types of Skin Color

Determining the basic skin color is not done by just looking directly at the visible skin color like light or dark. As we know, our skin colors are categorized based on its vein colors into 'cold', 'neutral', to 'warm'. How to find it out, you can bask in the sun and see what the vein color on the face or pulse is.

  • The 'cold' category is for people with blue or purple blood vessels. Most people with ‘cold’ skin color look more pale or bright. Usually they are the European, American, and the surrounding areas. Under direct sunlight the 'cold' skin will easily be burnt and spots appear.
  • The 'neutral' category is for people with green to blue blood vessels. On the average, the ‘neutral’ skin owner is those who commonly are fair or brown skinned. Generally they are Asians, Australians, and the surrounding areas. When 'neutral' skin is exposed to the sun the skin color will be slightly flushed.
  • Finally, the 'warm' skin belongs to a person with a blood vessel that is vaguely not clear, neither blue nor green. Evenly, they are Africans, Indians, and the surrounding areas. When being exposed to the sun their skin will look shiny.

2. Lipstick for White Skin (Cold)

For those of you who are light-skinned may feel lucky. Why so? Because you can easily have the lipstick color whatever you want. White skin is perfect to use soft or natural colors like pink, peach, berry colors, wine, beige, red to plum. All these great colors will fit just fine for a white face.

For bright skin when you want to look simple, use soft peach color lipstick to dark peach. Meanwhile, to get a sexy look, use bright red lipstick or bright orange.

3. Lipstick for Dark/Black Skin (Warm)

Do not be discouraged if you have dark or black skin color. You can still look brighter by choosing a brown shades of lipstick color to make natural appearance. The choice of lipstick colors that you can try include coffee chocolate, purple, caramel, plum, and red wine.

More details for your look, when you want to look natural you can wear a light purple or purple. As for appearing simple, you can wear a light or dark brown. The time you want to look sexy, you can use purple red and bright red brick lipstick. Those are some lipstick colors suitable for dark skin.

4. Lipstick for Brown Skin (Warm)

For tanned skin, there are some lipstick color suggestions that are tailored to your needs. It is suggested that you are very suitable on the lipstick color like red but darker like red berry, maroon, to red brown.

But on the look like a natural look, you can choose a dark pastel pink or pink stabile. As for the simple but luxurious look you can use light brown lipstick color until dark peach.

While to appear sexy, you are encouraged to use magenta purple or reddish-brown lipstick.

5. Lipstick for Yellow Skin (Neutral)

This type of skin is commonly owned by Asians including Indonesia. The lipstick color that is suitable for the yellow complexion are calm colors such as nude, peach, and soft pink. The result will look fresh but sweet and soft.

For neutral skin, to get a simple look, use soft peach or dark peach lipctick. Meanwhile, if you want a little bit more sexy, try using a bright red or orange light lipstick.

Well, that's how to choose the color of lipstick that suits your skin type and color. We hope our explanations can help you to be more precise in choosing lipstick colors. Just keep in mind, though there are some suggestions regarding the lipstick color, still the best choice falls on your hands.

When you have strong confidence then all lipstick colors will look surprisingly good on you and your aura of beauty is able to radiate. On top of that, you should not stop trying and do not be shy to be different. That is it anyway, is there any color of lipstick that you favorite and often try everyday? If there is any, share your experience on choosing lipstick color in the bottom comment field and have a try! (BeautéSalonSpa/nfa)

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