Beauty Salon vs Barbershop, Get To Know The Differences Between Them

Beauty Salon vs Barbershop, Get To Know The Differences Between Them – Nowadays, men begin to realize and care about their appearance. For those who are concerned about their look, having a good appearance gives a good impression of their image and supports their career and life. Like we all know, there are many barbershop starting to fluorish and catering to the men’s needs. That means some men are not hesitant about taking time to do grooming at barbershop.

In general, we might think that salon and barbershop is basically the same. But, such mistaken assumptions needs to be straightened since there actually are several characteristics that differentiate between them.

According to Jay, owner of Enso barbershop, "Most men are used to not know barbershop. Those who do not know yet prefer going to salon than barbershop to make their look spruce." Even not only men”, said the man who has the real name of Tjonggo Tenojaya, “Women, even my wife, are also often being confused with the differences between salon and barbershop. But right now she already knew it."

Both have the same purpose: to make your appearance more well groomed and attractive. Generally, beauty salon is closer to women than men though sometimes the facts is not always so. On the contrary, barbershop is definitely aimed at men. Then what make salon and the barbershop different? Okey, now let’s take a further look at it.

The Differences of Beauty Salon and Barbershop

1. Tools

Equally have a goal to enhance people’s looks, it turns out salon and barbershop have different tools being used. In general, salon use scissors as the main tool for cutting hair. Unlike barbershop which tends to utilize shaver and electric shaver or often called hair clipper.

According to Jay, the use of hair clipper is more advantageous in terms of the time efficiency. By using hair clipper, we can make the working time short. Meanwhile, by using scissors, we will take longer time to have haircut done.

2. Treatments

The treatment between salon and barbershop is also different. Salon offers more differently various types of services than barbershop. Let's say creambath, hair smoothing, hair coloring, manicure, pedicure, and hair spa for example. Moreover, salon also even offers a wide range of products being used, such as hair coloring products. Therefore, the salon staff are given special training to gain knowledge and information about the types of hair and products as well as how to use the products properly. In other words, a salon is the right choice for those of you who need not only treatment but also relaxation.

differences charateristics similarity beauty salon barbershop

One thing you should know, treatments offered by salon are commonly not available in barbershop. For instance, you can not get nail treatments either manicure or pedicure at barbershop. On the other hand, barbershop offers services that might not be available at salon. Take special care of mustache or beard for example. And, barbershop provides also more various men’s hairstyling than salon. Not only that, the captain of barbershop, or often called a barberman, should also have required skills that may not be owned by a salon hairdresser. One of them is hair tattooing.

3. Services

We can see the differences between salon and barbershop in terms of the provided services. In general, the employed hairdresser or hairstylist of salon is female. Unlike the barbershop of which the serving hairdresser is commonly male. Therefore, salon is more preferable for ladies than barbershop. You might already know that women like gossiping, talking something trivial or we can say “girl talks” with someone who is the same sex as she is.

Meanwhile, barbershop gives more masculine impression for which men are usually looking. Therefore, men tend to go to barbershop than salon despite the fact that there also salon employing men hairstylist.

4. Community Place

Salon is a common place that allows the visitors, especially ladies, to socialize with their closest friends or relatives. As you might know, some salons provide a larger space that can accommodate more visitors at which they, mostly women, not only have treatment but also can interact with others having same ideas or hobbies.

Meanwhile barbershop gives a strong impression of masculinity and supports also social activities, especially for men. At barbershop, a man can socialize and meet with other men who might have same hobbies without being interfered by women.

5. Fees

Another thing that distinguishes between salons and barbershop is of course in terms of cost. As it is known, salon that offers more treatment and products than barbershop makes consumers must be willing to spend extra money. Not to mention, if the salon also employs famous hair stylists who have remarkable achievement in their respective fields, making the cost of salon treatment is much more expensive than barbershop.

That's the obvious difference between a salon and a barbershop. In other words, "Salons are sometimes more identical to women, while barbershop is more synonymous with men", said Jay. (BeautéSalonSpa/yl)

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