The Main Causes of Hair Loss You Should Be Aware of

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The Main Causes of Hair Loss You Should Be Aware of – It is not a surprising facts that hair loss become people’s enemy. Both men and women who have been suffering from hair loss may feel their confidence degraged dramatically. How can such an annoying problem of hair loss occur? The causes of hair loss may vary, ranging from genetical factors, lack of needed nutritions to unhealthy behavior.

Oftentimes, when people are suffering from hair loss they become so disappointed and less confident. And, you may come across some advertisements either in television or internet offering solutions of hair loss which in reality are not as always efficacious as it seem. Whereas, except genetical factors, hair loss can be actually prevented from happening.

But calmly, if the amount of hair loss per day under 100 strands, it's still a natural thing. Why is that? Because the hair continues to grow allowing itself to perform regeneration. Thus, a reasonable amount of hair loss is part of the hair follicle cycle. In this article, we will try to explain the causes of hair loss that often makes you upset. Here we go!

The Causes of Hair Loss

1. Heredity / genetics

It turns out that the closer a person's genetics to a member of family with hair loss problems, the more likely she/he will be to suffer from the same thing. But the phrase saying that hair loss is only passed on to men, or inherited from the side of the grandfather is actually just a myth. But, if your member of family suffer from hair loss at a certain age, then it is likely that you will experience something similar.

2. Physical trauma

All kinds of physical traumas such as being sick, getting an accident, falling, and the like can be the causes of temporary hair loss. The term in the medical world is telogen effluvium. Keep in mind that the hair has a life cycle that is: growth, rest, and shedding. A dermatologist in New York named Marc Glashofer, MD, calls that hair loss due to physical trauma usually lasts up to six months post-trauma.

3. Deficiency of protein

Protein intake in everyday life is so important due to it ability to affect hair growth. The effect is on the growth of new hair. So make sure your body gets sufficient protein intake deriving from fish, meat, or eggs. Other options for those who do not consume animal products are also numerous, such as quinoa and beans.

4. Hormones

Perhaps for women who are taking pregnancy control pills, her hormones will become unstable. Changes in body hormone balance such as menopause can also make hair follicles become prone. When this happens, then the hair loss will be worse. Instead, consult with the doctor or obstetrician from whom you get pills that does not make the hormones unstable.

5. Stress

Psychologically, stress depression is also one cause of hair loss. Often the hair loss will be more when someone is having unsolved problems. Find a solution of the stress and busy yourself to positive activities such as exercising or following a therapy session.

6. Anemia

Almost one out of every 10 women has anemia due to iron deficiency. This is the cause of hair loss. Of course to overcome it, you should take proper iron intake on a daily basis. You should also consume iron supplements or a natural intake such as green vegetables, cereals, and grains.

7. Hypothyroidism

The term hypothyrodisim is a medical term of a person who has thyroid gland enlargement. This gland is located in the neck and very important for growth, including hair. When it does not work well, it means there is hormone instability. And, this can cause hair loss.

8. Drastic weight loss

For those who are dieting, it's good to be more careful. Drastic and sudden weight loss can lead to thinning of hair. The body will signal a physical trauma. Plus if the food intake is not equipped with vitamins and minerals, hair loss will be much worse.

9. Chemotherapy

Some treatments like chemotherapy that is to overcome cancer can cause hair loss. And, people who are in a series of chemotherapy treatment are more prone to hair loss too. The process of chemotherapy is inevitably to make the cell split. Not only cancer cells that are split, but also other cells including hair’s.

10. Anti-depressant drugs

Anti-depressant drugs can also be one of factors that can cause hair loss. There are many kinds of drugs such as methotrexate, lithium, ibuprofen, and others. If you are forced to take the drug, consult with your doctor and report the side effects that you experience.

11. Often changing hairstyles (overstyling)

If your hobby is experimenting with hair, it's good to see the negative impact first. Hair care with chemical products can also make the hair brittle and easy to fall out. Not to mention hairstyling with heating tools, hair coloring, and other substances. All of these can affect the roots of hair. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends the use of conditioner after shampooing and limiting the use of heat tools while experimenting with hair.

12. Aging

It is not a strange thing that aging must be accompanied by thinning of hair. Usually it happens when a person enters the age of 50 to 60 years old. Commonly for men, hair growth border will be more backward. Unlike the case with women. They will feel the thinning of hair in some parts.

13. Autoimmune disease

There is an autoimmune disorder disease of the body that regards the hair as dangerously strange particles, then attacks its follicles. This can be experienced by both women and men. It is estimated, stress is one of the things that causes this. The characteristic is that there is a small area of baldness on the scalp (alopecia areata); hair loss in eyebrows or leg hairs; and complete baldness on the head (alopecia totalis). If this happens, consult your doctor immediately to find out what the best treatment to take.

Well that is 13 of causes of hair loss that may occur to someone. As we know together, the trigger of hair loss is varied, but there may be any other more specific causes other than having been summarized above. Whatever the triggering factor of hair loss, make sure you immediately find the right solution for getting your healthy hair back. (BeautéSalonSpa/at)

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