Miscellaneous Treatments Suitable To Your Types of Hair

Miscellaneous Treatments Suitable To Your Types of Hair – Every human being has a different types of hair. Of course, how to care for each type of hair is also different. However, there are still many people who do not understand how to care for the hair that suits their hair types. There are still many of them taking care of curly hair but using hair care products for straight types. That is of course not right. We have to understand the types of our hair and retain the way we treat our own hair.

After knowing the types of hair, start doing the right treatment that is appropriate with the character of your hair. Do not just have hair treatment carelessly. Instead of making the perfect hair, the careless hair treatment will actually make your hair appearance look damagedly messy. Let's recognize some hair types including the proper care of it. The hair with appropriate treatment will always look more shiny and beautiful.

The Various Types of Hair and Its Treatments

1. Straight Hair

This type of hair tend to have the quality of limp, beautiful, and slightly oily. However, straight hair also has several categories such as:

• Straight Hair A
It has soft, gentle, oily, and weak properties that make this type of hair rather difficult to change.

• Straight Hair B
This type of hair is usually thinner. To add a thick impression, usually the hair owner just needs to add volume.

• Straight Hair C
This type of hair looks a bit messy and somewhat unruly. It only takes serum to make hair look smoother and softer.

types of hair and its treatments
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To treat this type of straight hair, hair serum is required to maintain the hair cuticle. Do not forget to always use conditioner after shampooing evenly. If necessary, use natural ingredients that are easy to obtain such as coconut oil. This natural material can be applied directly to the hair after washing and using conditioner.

2. Curly Hair

This type of hair is usually textured rather hard. But do not worry, with proper care, curly hair still can attract attention. This hair type also has several categories such as:

• Curly Hair A
It looks a bit wavy and curly. You just need to treat it with a hair moisturizing product.

• Curly Hair B
Usually this type of hair only looks curly at the end of the hair, not from the roots. Then you just need oil or hair cream to easily arrange the hair.

• Curly Hair C
This type of hair is the very curly type. To do an appropriate treatment, you only need using conditioner regularly to make it easy to arrange and look shiny.
Caring for curly hair requires a mild shampoo that can keep the hair moist. A protein-free conditioner is also needed so that hair is easily tidied and styled. You should avoid hair care products that contain alcohol, because it will make the hair more difficult to regulate. And get used to using a rarely toothed comb.

3. Wavy Hair

This type of hair can actually make the owners look more beautiful, only if they can take care of it properly. Wavy hair will seem messy or unsightly if they who own it are not diligent in caring and tidying hair. The following are categories of corrugated hair:

• Corrugated Hair A
Waves belonging to this type of hair is rather excessive. To tidy up, usually required an experienced hairdresser.

• Corrugated Hair B
If this type of hair has a moderate wave. Just use your fingers to tidy it with a little hair oil.

• Corrugated Hair C
It is still wavy, but not excessive. To keep the softness, you just need conditioner with moisturizer to keep the tenderness awake.
Use conditioner regularly up to 3 times a week so that hair does not look limp or greasy. Creambath is also needed to treat wavy hair. Do creambath once a month and do not forget to apply hair vitamins as well. If necessary, do the hair cuts at least once to two months to deal with branched hair.

4. Coarse Hair

Hairstyle like this usually looks dry and tangled, especially after shampooing or hair washing. Coarse hair occurs because of too much exposure to heat and the selection of the wrong treatment products. Therefore a moisturizer-rich shampoo and conditioner is required. Use also serum everytime you want to do activities, especially in the outdoors.

In addition, use olive oil before shampooing. This is done so as to dry hair becomes smoother and softer. Combing the hair incorrectly can also cause dry hair problems. Use a soft comb and do the sweeping slowly.

5. Chemically Exposed Hair

The rise of hair care processes with chemicals such as hair coloring and permanent hair straightening, will usually cause hair dry, dull, and brittle. In addition, swimming hobby can also cause chemical exposure. However, the hair that has been exposed to chemical processes can still look beautiful if treated with proper care. One of treatment is to use shampoo and conditioner that has a rehydrating formula.

Perform hair mask treatment at least once a week on a regular basis to restore the lost protein. For the hair with coloring process, choose a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner. It keeps hair humidity and preserve hair color. Avoid hair styling tools that can produce high temperatures because it will make your hair become more dry and damaged. (BeautéSalonSpa/mh)

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