How to Provide Better Salon Services to Your Customers

How to Provide Better Salon Services to Your Customers – Customer Service staff, often called CS, is not an easy job. They become the faces of the company which are required to do many things and convey corporate's positive image. For example, a salon company. There customer service staff are not only required to have an attractive appearance, but also good knowledge of each salon's offered products.

Some consumers say, good customer service is very important factor when choosing a trusted salon. The knowledge of customer service staff becomes one of the customers' reasons to choose a salon. Some customers also say that they can hardly trust salon’s customer service staff who lack basic knowledge of the offered products and can not provide sufficient information to their customers.

In addition, in terms of business, many people are starting to compete in opening a beauty salon. Because of that factor, many salon owners have to be smarter to make a better marketing strategy for their salon. For example, by offering something different that is not owned by another salon. By doing so, consumers will be more loyal and always be interested in visiting salon.

Salon Customer Service Tips

Serve with a smile

As you know, a smile has a strong first impression. As customer service staff, always smiling is an obligation. Not only when greeting the customers, customer service staff should also smile everytime they serve the customers. That way, customers will become more comfortable and feel appreciated.

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Give customers personal consultation

Become a personal consultant to the customer. Recommend the suitable products as per customer's needs. There is no hard feeling in giving an honest opinion. Just say “bad” or “not good” if those are the real facts. Do not forget to give an acceptable reason, in order to increase customers’ trust in customer service.

how to handle salon's customer and provide better services

Use the right words

Particularly, for expressing personal opinion, the staff is encouraged to use the right words when talking to customers. Replace also words that have negative connotations with more positive meanings. Therefore, the customers will be more happy and appreciate you as a professional customer service staff.

Call a customers' name

Calling or greeting customers’ name is a small thing but has a huge impact. Customers will feel privileged when they know that you remember them exactly. Considering customer's name becomes one of the keys to nurturing intimately close relationship. This will reflect that you are comfortable and concerned about the relationship that exists between customers and you.

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Offer trial services

Offering a product or service under trial does not hurt. For example, offering facial or hair care treatments with the latest techniques or products, or hair coloring with the latest preferred products. It can induce customers indirectly to spend more of their money on your salon.

Gather customers' personal information

There is no harm for customer service staff to find out and collect about customers’ personal information. Collect information about the name, home address, phone number, and customer's date of birth. Then, give a compliment in the form of a special speech and/or promotion on their birthday. It could be a plus value in the customers’ eyes. Customers will feel cared for and feel comfortable with the service you provide. Not only that, it will also strengthen customer relationship. And, that can also make your salon different from others.

Remember all the available customers’ information. It would be better if customer service staff not only remember what the customers do regularly when coming to your salon. Remember also about your recent conversations with visiting customers, their birthdays, their hobbies, holidays, or even wedding anniversaries. That way, your connection as a customer service staff with customer will be more well tight. Customers will feel impressed with you and not hesitate to return to visit the salon where you work.

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Provide drinks

Giving drinks can conveniently indulge salon’ customers. Instead of asking customers what they want to order, learn and search for what they need. Allow customers to take their time and see the menu being served. That way, they will be inclined to order what's in the menu.

Praise your customers

Basically, everyone likes to be praised. Giving an honest praise to the customers make them feel a sense of comfort and create a positive experience and firm relationship between you and your customers. You can praise like, the customers’ appearance after doing facial treatment in your salon, or praise the timeliness of the customers’ arrival.

Remind customers of their appoinments

Today, many customers choose to make an appointment in advance, before their arrival. As customer service staff, reminding customers’appointment they have made is an obligation. Do not forget to confirm the appointment made by the customers a day or several hours before their schedule.

Broad Knowledge

A customer service staff, not only should have an attractive appearance, but also polite attitude and a good way of speaking. They should also have a broad knowledge. The smart customer service staff has knowledge of salon’s offered products, promotions, and services. Moreover, the staff's knowledge about what are going on outside the salon can become an added value in the customers’ eyes. A customer service staff who have a broader knowledge, not only about the salon stuff, can reflect salon’s image of high personal quality.

Give the best services

Providing the best services to customers sincerely can make them feel comfortable with the given services. Giving the best services not only affects your customers in the long term, but also has positive impacts on your work environments.

By continuously giving best customer services, do not surprise that your salon sales will increase. And, the customers will be more satisfied with salon’s services and come to your salon next time. (Beauté Salon & Spa)

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